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Top 5 FREE Music Apps For iPhone! (Offline Music) 2019
11 Oct 2019
Top 5 FREE Music Apps For iPhone! (Offline Music) 2019
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???????? Japan Travel Vlog 2019


- Tokyo ????????
Standing Sushi Bar (Uogashi Nihon-Ichi)
super tasty, quick, and affordable! also fun to stand LOL

The Matcha Tokyo Omotesando
the most matcha-ey matcha ever lol, they had tasty ice cream too!

Shibuya crossing

Shinjuku Airbnb:
great for students, those traveling on a budget, but the wifi here absolutely sucked so go to the McDonald's down the street, they have super fast wifi!!

Ichiran Ramen:
tasty! fun booth, open 24 hours

Don Quixote
walmart of sorts, get all your souvenirs and kit-kats and snacks here for friends and loved ones

Hoshino Coffee
yUmmmmyy souffle pancakes + good for a coffee break!

Anata No Warehouse
cyberpunk dystopia-themed arcade, SO COOL

M's: Pop Life Department Store
6-story sex shop, fun, fun, hi to the subbie who came up to me also!

Shinjuku National Garden
sooo beautiful, huge place, we only stopped for an hour but you could do a whole day of lounging and reading and going to the green house

Sushi Zanmai
soooo good! 5/5 sushi, would eat this several times in one trip

Shin Udon
tastiest udon of my life, line is long though bc the place is so damn small lol

Tokyo TeamLab
art exhibition, go early and buy tickets online prior

Sushi-making class on Airbnb:
this was so fun, highly recommend doing this at the BEGINNING of your trip so you can appreciate sushi so much more! miles, the chef, also is a tour guide so he can tell you all the spots for your trip

2/5 stars blah skip lol idk why we did this xD

- Kyoto ????????
took the bullet train $275 each and ask for the preferred seating of seeing mount fuji!

Tsukimi Hotel
super clean, super affordable but you have to be out of the hotel from 10am-3pm everyday! or you get charged. nice to meet travelers too

ZEN Cafe
super artsy, thoughtful cafe specializing in Japanese traditional treats, would highly highly recommend; go after a meal to relax and chat! $17 for each set (tea + treat/dessert), presentation was phenomenal

Marugame Seimen Kawaramachi Sanjō Udon

Fushimi Inari Taisha
v touristy, but ya gotta goooo

Agotsuyu Shabushabu Yamafuku
PRICIEST MEAL but amazing!!


- Tokyo ????????
Mustard Hotel
you get a free meal card, it's in a great location, good place to meet travelers as well, bit pricey but it's tokyo, we got a private room but not a private bath!

Afuri Ramen
so/so, I got the yuzu ramen which is their thing I think but ehhh~ it was very hipster... LOL
ichiran was better bc more traditional imo

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♪ Weary Celestian (ft. Sonny Smith) - Boys Age
The Summers Over So Where Do We Stand? - PONCHO
I Just Want to Sleep - Too Pure Singles Club
Land Line - Ivan Limes
Dazed & Amused - Aaron Taos
Give In - Paisley Pink
The Art of Getting By - High Sunn
What Is Love? Tell Me, Is It Easy? - Hala
Regatta - Baseball Gregg
Soultrax - KOJACK’S
Yuwhgo - Saki
That I Miss You - Vansire
Mini Dresses - Sad Eyes
Puff - Tyler the Creator
Mike Edge - Been So Long
Me 2 (ft. Julian Avila) - LAKEYINSPIRED
Fumes - [ocean jams]
Stop Thinking (About Me) - Alfie Templeman
HONEYPIE - Johnny Utah


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Top 5 FREE Music Apps For iPhone! (Offline Music) 2019
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